[announcement!] boxes and cases set

Hey community!
Here I just want to make announce of my next upcoming set. This stuff sended to UE team for first review and hope we will see this content at marketplace trello vote very soon.
Here is some screenshots and description.
Set of boxes and cases. Asset include 6 different box each with few color variants. (3-5 color variants) every case have an openable cover and setup with blueprint.







This is my second asset. First one Barrels and Cans already available at marketplace and you can check expected quality. Hope you’ll like it.
Small details make a magic!

Very very nice, will need to get this down the road. Great work.

These are gorgeous. A+

thanks for your comments guys!

Nice job … what is your price point on these puppies? 8-}

price will be in between 25-30USD for full set. Hope this sound reasonable for you.

Hey Folks!
Asset files was reviewed by Epic and added to Trello voting!

Please check video for introduction how this asset may be used.