Annihilation Ten4

Hello all

We’re very happy cause we just uploaded our first version (or alpha or beta what every it’s meant to be called) of our GAME “Annihilation Ten4”. This is not a big game in anyway (size mb or story or graphics). We had lots of fun testing it, and you know how it is when testing, every time you test you find something new to change or fix. There is still a lot we wanna fix and add (this is where we need your help finding the bugs) for example the MENU is a very basic one page menu with no customizable input keys yet, if you’re a “WSAD” person you’ll be fine (all inputs are listed on the menu page). Basic graphic settings LOW, MED, HIGH and EPIC with v sync and a few resolutions, if your resolution is not there comment and we’ll try add it ASAP.

It’s only 64 bit (if you need 32 bit comment and we’ll package a 32 bit ver.) we’ve only tested it on windows 7 64 bit so far, some feedback regarding OS’s will be great.

The game is almost completely original (mesh characters, skeletons, animations and a unique aiming system) about the only thing that’s not custom is some of the materials. All the bots have a different AI systems giving them each their own personality’s. You control three bots while hunting down the cavemen and fighting off a whole bunch of bots. Only four maps so far, one training map (level) and three game play maps(levels).
NB the last map is a bit too big for this game (find and save your “free finds” for the big map) we where experimenting with map sizes and decided to leave it in.

Download the game (only 390mb, installs to ±970mb) fullscreen works on win7, play have fun. Remember use the drone to find your targets then use the teleport function to get Ten4 and the Walker there quickly.

Don’t forget to visit our web site and register so we can send you info on updates and changes and if you feeling generous support us by making a small contribution.

The Game has lots of potential, we’re already working on a multiplayer version, where players compete to see who can collect the most yellow power up balls while fighting each other and all the AI.

Download at one of the following:

Be what you want to become.

a pic with the Kite demo foliage (sadly we get package errors when using it but we’ll see if we can put it in future maps) as is most machines will run it on EPIC settings.

Hi all

New Game Play Video.

Note watching this video and downloading the game use about the same amount of data, so download the game and go via the web site so I can get some hits on it.

We humans like our entertainment so much, imagine an advanced race of beings created ALL, as entertainment. They must love us, cause we create all this extra entertainment.

I like the gameplay, don’t know what your plans are but my opinion is the jungle, trees and natural landscape conflicts with the gameplay and character models. Environmental assets that give off a funky/videogame ambience will help increase the gameplay enjoyability. The assets kind of look out of place, gameplay looks cool though, lots of potential.

The characters move around in a 16 bit bombermanesque way (which is cool) but it looks funny in a natural environment and makes it look like a mod more than an original game.

Hi reading your post still makes me feel good, thanks (mostly cause I don’t get many replys) and you said some really nice things.

So here’s a challenge to all, build a level the way you think it should look, then get it to me.
I’ll try to put as many levels as can into the game, then we all vote on which we like best. Level building for you all should be like eating a piece pie.

MikeRPG I’m really looking forward to seeing your entry, Don’t let me down.


Something like this mike.

I’d help you out if I had time but I don’t right now, maybe in the future. Got a big project nearing demo release so maybe once that’s out. I do like the animations so It’d be fun to help, the movement of the characters could really make for some interesting gameplay.

Coordinated color patterns with multi z dimensional environments would do really well. Similar to mario kart 64 or bomberman

Hey Mike

I put this level together to c what you think. Maybe abit to extreme, I’ve got an idea for foliage half way between this and relistic. Gonna try that next.
I turned down the lightmaps to get a block effect.

Now the only thing that not custom is the landscape material.

With the low poly I can use Complex as simple on all foliage collisions.

I never saw your post until now. You still working on this?

Hi Mike not really, been making prototypes for other people lately, just finished a Skate Board prototype.