[ANN] Space Opera - Space engine for UE4

Hi there,

I’ve just posted a video for my space engine idea on Youtube

It’s in it’s early stage but I’d appreciate some support in getting the basics off the ground and any feed back appreciated

The first problem I am facing is having a 360 degree skydome. I’d be happy with a static high resolution one for now.

What’s your exact problem with having a 360° skydome?

As you can see in the video only one hemisphere of the skydome is visible. I’m using a large texture I found and applied it - it did seem to be working before but not now.

For the first version I’d be happy with some kind of static skysphere or skybox thats rendered far enough away to create the view of a solar system.

For the skybox material I plugged my skybox texture into the EmissiveColor input and set the Lighting Model to “unlit”. That works fairly well imo. Also you’d probably rather want to use a pointlight (placed at the sun location) instead of a directional light.

The tiny moving stars (those blue dots) is just a texture with loads of dots multiplied with a colour and moved around with a panner. However, I’d recommend to use at least a skybox with the resolution of at least 4k. Otherwise it’ll get extremely blurry and pixelated because the skybox is so huge.


looks like you have specularity on it. need to get rid of that and make it emissive.