Anisotropic friction - how?

I was looking for the ways how anisotropic friction can be implemented. Just to illustrate it - imagine dropping snowboard on a slope, it most likely to slide along it’s length than it’s side. Unfortunately, as of now, shape of the object doesn’t seam to affect friction in this way. The closest thing I saw already implemented is anisotropic friction of tires. So in principal I could attach some very small tires to a board :smiley:

So, do you guys have any idea how such friction can be simulated?

First solution I’ve tried is to add a linear dumping of velocity in Y axis of the object. It works quite well and I’ll post screenshot of blueprint later.
Issue with such solution came from completely different direction - landscape collision. Collision works completely fine if I slide on a static mesh or mesh build with the brush. In case of landscape, even if it looks smooth, board will occasionally bump into some invisible pieces of collision mesh. Sliding on geometry build by landscape spline seams to be a bit better, but I don’t want to be limited to riding only slopes.

Planning to try a second approach - use a vehicle as a base of the boar, unfortunately vehicle classes exposed to blueprint seam to support only 4 wheeled vehicle. Adding more wheels requires some C++ coding.

EDIT: Added setup of pawn blueprint. “Sled” is a static mesh - root component of pawn.