AnimTrail has an offset to Mo Controller

Hi all, I`m new here. Having little experience with UE4 (but much with udk).
I use a HTC Vive headset and followed the instructions of the ue4 tutorials of setting up vive controllers and creating proper animtrails.

My issue can be seen in this screenshot

How do I get rid of this offset/delay? I`m having this issue since 4.11

Also having this issue. I have a GIF of the issue in action - anyone got a way to solve it?

Sorry for resurrecting a dead thread, but I can’t find anything on this. I’m using 4.16.3.

EDIT: Solution found! Turns out the ‘disable low latency’ checkmark in the details panel of the motion controller object in question MUST be checked. Otherwise it causes this delay!

So go into the blueprint containing the motion controller component and look in the details panel for that. Check ‘Disable Low Latency Update’, it’s right underneath where you pick if it’s a right or left hand controller.

Oh that’s my lightsaber. And someone finally answered. And it is still helpful to me. Thank you so much!