animTrail doesn't work in matinee animation!

i created a blade trail effect for the attack animation and it works in the persona
however when i play the matinee animation it doesn’t work
i dont know how to fix this
could anyone tell me a way to solve this?thanks a lot!;D
and this is how it works in the persona

Check that your blade fan material is using two-sided shading.

Due to how trails are rendered, half of the trail is back-face, and if your material is set to cull back faces you won’t see it unless you look at it from the correct side.

You can verify if this is the problem by rotating the viewport camera in persona and seeing if the trail disappears from certain angles.

thank you for the reply.
i have turned the 2side on so i think it’s not the problem of twosided material,
and i found a same issue here: Anim trails, matinee, not showing in game - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums
this is exactly what im facing of,if you know the way to solve this please tell me,thanks a lot:D