AnimStateGraph Conduit cannot be reentered

Hello fellow Unrealers!

I have the following problem: I’ve got a state machine for my idle states. As my character can peek out of cover, the crouch and default idle are able to enter a conduit who determines in which way the character peeks (based on the current cover).


This also works, the problem is: the conduit does not work the other way around. The peek states (on the left) cannot get back into the conduit. I’ve checked the transition rules multiple times, the values are getting set correctly. Even if I set all rules directly to true, the state won’t enter the conduit. Also the CanEnterTransition of the conduit is always set to true.

Also, when I set the same outgoing transition rule towards one of the base state (Idle or IdleCrouch), it works. So the rule logic cannot be the problem, it has to be something about the conduit. Also, if I make a second, parallel conduit for the leaving of the PeekStates, the logic is working. But this solution is messy and very hard to read.


I am out of good ideas what the solution is and I believe I have excluded all possibilities that the problem lies on the side of my logic. So either I am using the conduit wrong (maybe it shouldn’t be reentered? Even if I did not find any hint in the documentation for this) or this is a bug.

Has anyone witnessed the same behaviour? Can anyone explain this?

As an update to other people having this issue:

I’ve reported this as a bug and this is the answer I got:


Thank you for submitting your bug
report. This is a known issue, and
there is currently a feature request
that is backlogged UE-11349. Please
be aware that this request may not be
implemented or prioritized. With this
in mind, if you decide to implement
the changes yourself, you can
contribute to the Unreal Engine by
visiting the following documentation
Contributing to Unreal Engine 4 | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thanks, Nicholas

So, it’s a bug, It’s known, and bearing in mind how long the animation blueprint system already exists I am not sure if it gets resolved anytime soon.