AnimOffset Replication help

I have problem fixing my aimoffset replication it wont work no meter what i do the server side works fine its shows all animation of aming and stuff but the client looks otherwise

Made same as u nothing its not working

Can i see your setup BP of aimoffset ? Its working but my rotation is off after setup this new bp

I meen function of it because i have a problem of direction my character is pointing

I will be glad that some one jump in discord and to guide me true this because i realy dont know any more how to fix the rotation of that character maybe bug or something but its not working for me

So the replication needs to occur on the characterBP - if the remote character gets the variables properly replicated, then it’s animbp will reflect the change correctly.

Well i fixed the aimoffset replication works now but i stoped on next problem
When i am without weapon my character when look down u see what i get and up is worst

Ok i fixed the bugy thing i had to check do i have a weapon at all xD