AnimNotify and multiplayer, deeply frustrated. Please help.

I hope this is the right area for this.

I’ve got a project where I am using animnotifies for a whole lot of things. It’s multiplayer with a dedicated server.

Up until now, I’ve been working with the player side of this, which is working wonderfully. I use animnotifies to trigger combat events, and am having no problems at all.
Now, I’m working on the AI, and it’s a nightmare.

Both use the same animation blueprint. I am using the Print node to log text on both server and client (into the log files). I am using multicast to play the animations on both server and client, and have used GetCurrentMontage with a server-side-only Print to confirm the animation montage is playing.

The montage contains custom notifies, one of which is to enable collision. In the process of troubleshooting why this isn’t working, I used Print to log the collision enabling.

In the client logs, it is recording that the collision is enabled.

In the server logs, nothing related to animnotifies is logging.,

This means, to me, that the montage is playing on the server, but the notify is not triggering.

What am I missing?