AnimMontage Wont Play Animations After retargeting Animblueprint

For a long story, Here’s whats going on. I retargeted the AnimBP to a new skeleton. The animations turned out fine. Everythings great!. I reassign the Mesh and animation BP for the default character. The movement animations play, but for some reason when I trigger an event and make a Montage Play, it does not play the Montages. HOWEVER, the animNotifys trigger for those montages. Essentially, I get my notifys to play, but no animations playing. Any Idea why this is?

Have you set up a slot node in the animation graph and also assigned the slot in the animation montage?

Yes for sure

OK soo I feel like a herpaderp! Just realized… the blend…wasnt blending the correct bone… It was trying to blend the pose from the previous skeletal bone from spine_01… when it’s a completely different name. I got this all figured out. Sorry for the Forum ordeal

That part there