AnimMontage not playing animation (first person)

My Anim Montage for my first person character wont play. Ive set up a muzzle flash and a sound que on the montage and that plays fine but the actual animation wont play (except in the Animation window of the Anim Blueprint).
Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong?

In your Animation Montage you need to add all of your work to a Slot which you can then give a custom name.
In your AnimGraph you need to add this Slot between your Layered Blend per Bone and Final Animation Pose.

In this example I named my slot EquipRifle

Here I add it between the Layered Blend per Bone and the Final Animation Pose

You can trigger the animation by placing a Custom Event in the Animation Blueprint that calls a Play Montage node. Simply select the Animation Montage you made.