animetion import error

Hi! I import a skeleton mesh from Blender. Then I import the animation. The Skeleton has no problem. But the animation mess up the arms and legs. How to fix it?

animation look in Blender

Skeleton look in UE4
Animation in UE4

-post a picture of your rigg in the ue4 when you play the animation
-make sure that you go to object-apply-scale/location/…
-take a look at this series: → will teach you the right workflow :slight_smile:

In animation I just test move it with y and z axis only. But in UE4. The both foot controller bone always snap together in x axis.

These are Skeleton mesh only in UE4

These are animation added

There are several people who have had similar problems. You can try looking here. I’ve found that for some reason, if parent bones don’t have any delta transforms throughout the animation, some of the child bones may take some of the transforms of the parent bone.

I put a bug report on Answerhub here in which they told me to use the 6.1 ASCII format as an answer.

Thank you! Now I understand the new exporter in Blender will destroy the offset bones. The bones are okay now with 6.1 ASCII exporter. But I dunno if anyone else find out the time frame is off using 6.1 ASCII exporter.
I animated from 0 to 20 frames and 30 fps. the running cycle is ok in Blender. But export to UE4 with 6.1 ASCII exporter, the animation still 0 to 20 frames but the running cycle loop is not finished.