Anime-Look Cel Shading in UE4

Hi folks,

I just translated my old blog article for anime-look cel shading tutorial, so I’d like to share it:

Anime-Look Cel Shading in UE4 - Theoroy.

This is done almost a year ago, but if you are trying to create anime-looking shading, you still might want to check it out.

I have been away from the community for a year or so, so I’d like to catch up and know what’s recently hot about cel/stylized shading in UE4.
Any comments, thoughts, or ideas are welcome.

This shader looks really good :slight_smile:

Thank you! I appreciate your reply!

WOWOW!!! Looks gr8!!

Neat writeup, thanks for doing that.

Personally I prefer the banding to be done on the material level, rather than the post process level, as this allows you to use different banding maps for different materials, most importantly, skin, which I feel benefits from having a slightly reddish soft banding texture, whereas everything else works best with a hard grayscale map.

But that all comes down to preference really.

Thanks for your idea and a great tutorial video! I’ll definitely try material based cel-shading along the tutorial.
One concern about material based cel-shading is that it’s not very easy to have self-shadow if I understand correctly, is it? If you have any idea about self-shadow, I’d love to hear it!

Thanks again for your response!

That alongside not being able to have shadows cast by other objects is the main drawback of doing it via materials. There’s really cheesy ways like using line traces to determine if the unit is in shadow or not (that dude does it at the end of that video I linked), but it’s not a proper solution.

I’d love to get around that while maintaining the control that using materials gives, but unfortunately I really don’t have the technical knowledge to offer any useful input there.

on your tutorial whats the nod your using for “1e+05”

1e+05 is scientific notation. green node is a scalar. therefore you need a scalar with a value of 1e+05 = 1*10^5 = 100,000


Is there any specific reason this does not work on mobile? Is it SceneTexture stuff not working? It says failed to compile and won’t work on ES3_1 but doesn’t tell me what is not compiling…