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It is possible to make a game that looks like Naruto or Dragon Ball Xenoverse?, i been seen a lot of examples of games, scenarios and textures… but none with an anime style?, im just starting with unreal engine, and im intrested in make a game styled like an anime. Anyone knows or have a prove (image or video) that i can make a game like an anime?

I would defenitely prefer the naruto style, that simple, very simple.

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You certainly can, you just need to have the artistic abilities to do so.

People build examples primarily for functionality rather than artistic design because the only limitation to artistic design is your skill and imagination.

correct me if I’m wrong, but a lot of the leg work with the simple art look (like anime-type games) is from the shader

from how I view it, the textures are simple, just 1 flat color to the model. The hair is a bit different, it is a flat color, but the black lines are also put into the texture work

In the presentation, you can see the shader its not even a hard shader. It just compares the surface normal with the light angle, and “if angle > something then shade”. On the presentation you see most of the work is on the character modelling and UVs to create the lines and the good normals so they look perfect.

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You mean a post processing effect like this:,

Its relevantly quite simple yes, there’s even a demo called ‘Stylized Rendering’ that shows how its done.
The cel-shaded shadows are controlled by a material that’s unlit then using a step shading technique from the emissive layer:

hope this helps.

this would help the post author

Advanced Cel Shader Pack

Yes, thats exactly what i was looking for, thank you so much, and thanks to everybody for your answers… gonna check up post processing effects

Didn’t helped me so far, the Cel and Edge Shader seams to work to different to get a real Anime look. But I’m still try it, maybe I do something wrong.

I found these cutscenes still have the best anime gfx, might want to base it off this.
[video]- YouTube

You might be able to do something with Fresnel.

you can ask the creator of the asset, he’d be willing to help

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