Anime Girl Character Creator

Hi, everyone!

Here’s a preview of a character creator that we’ve been working on for the past 3+ months. We wanted to make a character creator that gave people everything they needed: different outfits, animations, and some starter blueprints. We’re constantly striving to add more features. If anyone has any ideas that they want included, let us know, and we’ll consider incorporating it.


  • 45+ animations (e.g., walking, running, jumping, fighting, etc.)
  • 9 hairstyles
  • 13 tops
  • 17 bottoms
  • 9 footwear
  • 16 eye/headwear
  • Different LODs for models
  • Cel shading post-process blendable *
  • Comes rigged and is compatible with the Epic skeleton.

Things we’re working on:

  • High quality models for close-ups
  • Improving textures/materials
  • Themed outfits (e.g., fantasy)
  • More animations
  • Improved fighting template

If there’s sufficient demand, we’ll push for an early release on Sellfy.

As always, thanks for your support. We hope to hear back from you soon!!

  • P.S. Credit goes to Brian Westley and Headstub for the anime shader. Thank you both for letting me include it in the package. I originally downloaded it here.

Looking good what price point are you targeting?

Will there be an option for characters with more curves/body shapes and sizes? Looking very good :slight_smile:

Can you incorporate a “headless” model so that it can be used in a true first person view as a player character? Thanks!

Artist here. Thanks for the feedback! Having sliders to adjust body proportions is something that we’ve been looking into. It might not be part of the initial release but will most likely be incorporated at some point. Having a headless model is an interesting suggestion. I’ll definitely do that if that’s something you guys want. As for the pricing… that’s TBA at this point. However, we definitely feel like the package is going to be worth your money considering it will come with free updates and it’s not just a static character with 1 outfit. At this point we’re focusing most of our attention on improving the quality of the textures, but any suggestions for more features are welcome. :slight_smile: