animBP transform (modify) bone is not updating physical asset


I’m doing an editable character, the way i’m doing that is updating bone position with animationBP transform node, but when i simulate physics all bones return to their original transforms, i was looking for an option in mesh detail panel to keep transforms, i tryed to enable some checks under physics section and skeletal mesh section but nothing happens save stops to update position and leave simulating parts floating in world space.

¿is there a way to update physical asset and preserve changes from animBP?


hey not sure if i understood you correct, but maybe Animation Snapshot helps?…hot/index.html

Thanks for reply, Spaehling, you probably not understood me because my english is so poor, sorry about that TT

I think pose snapshot allows you to use pose information into animationBP, that’s usefull to get result pose from physical simulation and make transitions between that saved pose and some animation. anyway i tried to apply this but isn’t useful for my case.

What i’m trying to do, in a general way, is modify skeleton ingame and preserving that changes when i simulate physics bodies.

look into physical animation then

Thanks for replying MostHost!

I don’t know if I’m losing something, but I understand that Physical animation runs over bind pose, let’s say that I changed my arm position, when I simulate, and even though I put a big number in position strenght, the constraint go back to bind pose reference bone, without consider AnimBP changes. I look into Physical animation component details, but i don’t see anything useful.

I made a test with an editable part, instead a transform bone AnimBP node I used an animation with the maximum displacement that a specific bone should have, I configured this animation as additive and used the offset information that I use with transform bone node to set alpha, but the result is the same.

Is there a way to update bind pose?
or pass animBP changes to physical asset?
or update constraint position?

Maybe physical asset doesn’t make an instance for every character that shares the skeleton

My problemo:

Thanks! ^^

Physical animation simulates the movement of parts from animation.

So you can offset the pose as you want, save the snapshot, apply it in amib bp, turn on the ohysics simulation, and you should be able to ragdoll in a specific position.

I have used this for MotoGP style falls, where just going into ragdoll makes no sense.

In your test video, the translation isnt applied to the underlaying skeleton, so the joint snaps back.

Hello again, MostHost!

Let me puntualize, it looks like Physical Animation gets data from AnimationBP, of cours, but Physical Asset does not do that (I don’t know if it can do, and that’s de main question), so, when I set up a physical asset, and I apply the offset position from animBP, when I simulate physics (without Physical Animation) these parts who I apply the offset will return to his respective original locations, and it ocurres because AnimBP is not updating Physical Asset, or is not updating the instanced constraints that comes from Physical Asset. So when I apply the Physical Animation, with offsets too, like in the last case, constraints keeps having the original location, locations without offsets, but it fights to reach the position of the animations coming from AnimBP that effectively have that offsets.

If I want to keep offsets and have a pure ragdoll I cannot do that because what Physical Animation do is try to reach a position and rotation in a physical simulation, but it does not make constraints to preserve offsets.

If I want to make the arm longer or shorter from my skeletal mesh, when I simulate physics, with or without Physical Animation, all constraints will return to their original position.

What I want is not to preserve a specific pose that my character make in a certaint runetime time, I want to modify Constraints from phyisical Asset, but not get or preserve a pose.

Sorry for my english, i know that it have to be difficult to understand me ^^’

maybe write a copy in your native language. Given I speak 4 chances are ill understand you better.

in short, it seems that what you want is not possible.

However, you can choose a preview animation within your PHAT asset (top left) to see how the physical animation would work with the given animation.
Maybe you can leverage that, but I really do not see the point other then for testing purposes / checking the rigidity of the constraints.
In the end, physical animation and the PHAT asset are meant to work at runtime, not in editor.

Thank you, MostHost, I appreciate that you spend your time replying my post ^^

I will keep looking for a solution, I have a solution that would definitely work, but I want to find out something more elegant and fastest to implement.

Whatever that i use to solve this, I will post the solution in this thread!

Cheers :3