AnimBP: Layered blend per bone Doesn't work in Standalone / Packaged UE5

This is my quite simple Anim Graph:

Both Layered Blend Per Bone nodes are completely ignoring the montage slots and the outcoming is equivalent to just plugging Locomotion into final pose under these conditions:

  1. Upon starting the editor and before I compile the animbp
  2. In standalone mode
  3. When the game is packaged

The animbp works completely fine, however, if I just recompile the animbp without changing anything.


Same here, any luck with figuring it out?

Okay, the only way I’ve managed to make it work was by switching Blend Mode to be Blend Mask, then creating a Blend Mask on the Skeleton (there’s a small cog in the right top corner of the skeleton editor, you can add it there, and set all bones you want to be affected to 1, while the rest should be at zero).

Then you go back to your Layered Blend Per Bone, and specify the mask you’ve created in the Blend Masks section.

Additionally, when porting my project from UE4 to UE5 apparently the slots didn’t transfer properly. I had a custom Slot Group, with a custom slot. When the project was transferred, it created the slot, but not the slot Group (so, it was under the default one). And that screwed everything up. So, my recommendation is to also double check the naming of slots and slot groups.

It only took me 6 hours of my life and one crying session in the bathroom to figure this one out, thanks Unreal xD

Hmm, the exact opposite for me, I had to use branch filter and pick a bone to filter on since my masks weren’t working!
This stinks because masks seem to be the appropriate solution.

That’s so bizarre, branch filters are completely broken for me :open_mouth: What did they do to the engine xD I’m glad you’ve found a workaround though!

It should not be marked as resolved. Blend mode “Blend Mask” does not work.

Hi, I am facing the same issue. A really weird thing that only after recompiling the ABP, the Layed blend per bone in Blend Mask mode can work. Anyone has any update about this issue?

I am also having this problem. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the bone masks to work, recompiling etc.