AnimBP Blend by Bool bug

The one picture tell all thing.

No repro in 4.8.3. I know that the visual animation does not correctly update until you compile, could that be the reason? Otherwise, it seems to be fixed in 4.8.3.

Hi donggas90,

Can you try hitting compile?

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Of course I did.
Before this issue, another ABP bug occured and suffered very much. ABP always make crash when loading any place, level, character, editor and so on. so I had to make a new project and move entire asset and code to it except ABPs and had to re-make same ABP again. Even though this issue occured. I was really furious so hadn’t leave more informations. Apologize about it.
I think this issue had not generated from simple reason. Because the ABP often break down just doing simple jobs such as making state machine, add variables etc. Particularly, even more cracked when working in long time. In my opinion, should check all around of ABP to make it stable. Not just a piece of it.

We’ve resolved a lot of issues as of 4.8.3 and 4.9 related to ABP. I know it’s not an option for every user or team to move their project up to a new engine version, but as Ian stated below, he cannot repro in 4.8.3 and I haven’t been able to myself. Would you be willing to upgrade?


Good news but some of assets what I bought in marketplace and using current project are not support over 4.7 so I should leave at 4.7.

I said, it’s not from simple reason, so I cannot tell you how to repro exactly. and I think it’s a really rare case and I solved just inverse the variable’s meanning. so you may better to close this issue.