AnimBP Asset Override has no effect on Move animations


I’ve got a couple of different characters, each of which has its own set of animations. I’ve already found out how to use the Asset Override Editor in child Animation Blueprints to keep using the same animation state machine for all characters and still play different animations. I even found a way to deal with characters that have wildly different skeletons but still use the same state logic: How to reuse animation blueprint across different characters - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

This works great for all animations except the movement ones.

The problem is that no matter which animation I assign in the Asset Override Editor to replace the parent character’s move animation, the character will continue to use the original animation. For characters that have a different skeleton, this means they’ll slide around in their T pose while moving, but it also doesn’t work for characters that share the skeleton with the parent Blueprint. Again, so far this has worked fine for all non-movement animations.

This happens both in-game and in the animation preview if I set the condition accordingly (Speed variable > 0, in this case).

The transistions from Idle to Movement and back are triggered correctly (tested via debug output triggered by notifications). The engine is simply trying to play the wrong animation.

Is this a known problem - and if so, is there a workaround - or am I missing an important step?

Thanks in advance,

After re-adding the move animation to the parent state machine, it suddenly works. I had to repeat the retarget/delete procedure for the characters with a different skeleton, but even those now move correctly.