AnimBlueprint Crash When Copy Node From One AnimGraph To Another

Hi, when i try to copy some nodes from 1 AnimGraph of 1 AnimBlueprint to another, it crashed the editor.
2 blueprint are from same class.
Is it we cannot copy from AnimGraph to another or something, cause i still can copy with EventGraph inside AnimBlueprint ?

Can you show us what nodes you’re attempting to copy? Not every node in the Anim graph is legal to be placed in the general blueprint event graph. It shouldn’t crash though, we may need more graceful error handling.


I want to copy a state machine from animgraph of 1 blueprint to other animgraph and it’s crash.
Btw they have same parent class, same skeletal.
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Hey Duncan Dam and jwfitt-

We are aware of this issue and are working on it. I have added jwfitt to this post as well as you both were having a very similar problem. Just to confirm the State Machine you are trying to copy does it have State Event nodes inside of it and are your pasting it directly to the AnimBlueprints or inside of a newly created State Machine. A screenshot of the blueprint right before you CTRL-V (paste) and teh editor crashes would be helpful.

Thanks Guys -

Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric,

I tested this in a default (Blueprint) Third Person project. Opened the HeroTPP’s anim blueprint, created a new state machine in its main Anim Graph and attempted to copy/paste the existing HeroTPP Default state machine into the newly created (and currently empty state machine).

Hey jwfitt -

Try the same test, but this time double clicking the Default State Machine, selecting all the nodes in that Machine except the entry node and then copy them. Go back to your AnimGraph and double click on the new state machine, and paste the copied nodes here. Assuming it does not crash, attach the Entry node to the first Idle node.

There is a known issue with trying to nest State Machines within one another.

Let me know if this is a possible solution for you,

-Eric Ketchum

That works just fine, Eric, thank you.

I wasn’t really trying to nest state machines, originally. It was more of an editor trial/error exploration to see how the editor worked! :slight_smile:

No Problem. I’m glad it work for you.

Eric Ketchum

It works with me too, thank Eric.
Save me a lot of time here.