AnimBlue Print Enum Crash

After creating this tutorial :

I noticed a pretty big bug.

There seems to be a game breaking bug with these Enums. The Enum disappears after playing StandAloneGame or Saving the User Created Enum UAsset, giving a compiler error for the AnimBluePrint . Making the whole process irrelevant.

Still having the same issue, after trying it over and over again. Any insight? Maybe I did something wrong.

Hey Jon,

Can you attach the tutorial here, or describe the process here?


Hey Jonathan,

Sorry for the delay.

The tutorial is little bit vague. Would you mind elaborate the repro steps for the issue?


Go to An AnimBluePrint > RightClick on the BluePrint Tab in an empty space > Create EnumAsset>Name it something > Press Ok.

Select it under the BluePrint Tab and add some enums slots.

Save it Close the AnimBluePrint. When you reopen the AnimBluePrint, it will not appear in the User defined Enums section anymore. It will be in the content browser but it cant be accessed and gives an error that no enums are defined if you are using it in the AnimBluePrint.

Hey Jonathan,

The latest (unreleased?) build seems to work fine. What is the exact error message?

Some remarks:

  1. When you reopen the AnimBluePrint, it will not appear in the User defined Enums section anymore.
    Only those Enumsshould appear in “User Defined Enums”, that are actually used by the current blueprint.

  2. The Enum is a separated asset, and it has to be saved separately.

  3. When one creates a new Enum and use it as a type for a variable (before adding any entriesto the enum) the default value of the variable will be invalid (it needs to be reset).


Ill try these steps and get back to you. I’m using the newest version of Rocket.

I still have the same problem, its fine in editor but when i play standalone game it doesn’t

play the poses. Everything is saved, but when I reopen the editor I get this error in the AnimBlueprint.

Error BlendPose(WeaponTypes) references Unknown enum entry WeaponTypes::None

Error BlendPose(WeaponTypes) references Unknown enum entry WeaponTypes::Hammer

Thank you, Jonathan!
I could not reproduce this error (hopefully it is already fixed in the latest unreleased version). But there are still some bugs connected with it. BlendPose node does not support User Defined Enums properly.

Hey, the issue was fixed. (Sorry for delay, I couldn’t reproduce it previously)

I hope this can be figured out soon. I stopped progress all together for now.

Hey Jonathan,

We are looking into this issue. Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards,


Thanks, I hope to hear soon.