Animators, how much do you charge?

I am wondering how much animators charge per hour to rig and animate a character. Also, not looking to hire atm just figuring out my finances and seeing how much stuff will cost.

Im not an animator, but when I was doing freelance rigging I was charging per rig and it was between 1500 and 3000 euro for the rig depending on complexity and features. Working in maya. And it was for film rigs. But im using the same rigs in the engine now so there is big differentiation.
Animators generally charge per day (8 hours day) or per delivered and approved animation, tho prices can vary the average price is probably about 250 euros per day (which equates to about 1-2 anims) if you want the animations to reach a certain high standard. Tho I have to add that im talking about freelance jobs performed by experienced professionals. You will be able to find people that cost less, but the quality might suffer on it.
Thats just my own experience here so take it with a grain of salt.


hmm, ok thank you for the info.