Animators for Animations for beginners

I am quite skilled at coding with UE4, but no matter how long I have been developing for, I always had difficulty Animating 3d models. I am looking for someone who can help animate commonly used animations, and is willing to show off their talent to the world.

I do not plan on using these animations myself, instead, I plan on uploading it on a website where everyone can download for free and enjoy these free animation. Please be aware that this is unpaid and I am looking for kind souls helping out the begginer dev community.

Animations I plan on adding:

-Sword or gun animations
-Walking and running for sword and guns or just normal walking and running
-Dancing maybe?
-Jumping (with sword and guns?)
-Common actions like greeting, kissing, waving a flag
-Hand to hand combat animations
-Animations for animals

I am extremely grateful to anyone willing to contribute.

I’m sorry if this is to much to ask for, but can you upload it to this forum or send it to in the form of a download link so