Animators and Artists Needed For Action RPG - Adrayvia

[FONT=lucida sans unicode]Hi,

I need the following positions filled for an upcoming game called Adrayvia, an action role-playing game centered around fluid combat, deep RPG mechanics, unique characters, tactical manipulation of economic elements, and world exploration.

Positions Required:

  • [FONT=lucida sans unicode]Animators (Combat) (Mocap preferred)
  • [FONT=lucida sans unicode]Animators (Movement & Locomotion) (Mocap preferred)
  • [FONT=lucida sans unicode]3D Character Artists (Modeling, Texturing)
  • [FONT=lucida sans unicode]3D Character Artists (Rigging)
  • [FONT=lucida sans unicode]Level Designers (Open World Exploration)
  • [FONT=lucida sans unicode]Level Designers (Quests)
  • [FONT=lucida sans unicode]Level Designers ()
  • [FONT=lucida sans unicode]Environment Artists (Forts, Castles, Pillars, Halls)

[FONT=lucida sans unicode]The game has been in development for more than 24 months, with successive iterative designs. The core mechanics are all done, and the game is now ready for beautiful and captivating artwork based on its fiction to complement the mechanics for the alpha release of the crowdfunding campaign. Royalty payments are available immediately upon a successful campaign, and shares are allocated depending on work done. I’m very open to negotiations.

Some videos to showcase my work so far:

New Video Showcase:


I am interested. My portofolio is on

Still looking for artists and animators. Send an email to or reach me on Skype: IBMAXX1

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