Animator wanted

Hey there!
My name is Senior Patata and I am part of a small group of game enthusiasts who want to create something of their own kind.
Currently we have 2 game designers for buildings etc and 1 blueprint(er) (pun intended). If you have some kind of animation experience we would love to have a quick talk with you and see what we can do to implement you into our workflow (current status: building up). We dont want much, just dont be an as*hole.
The other requirement would be that you should be above the age of 14-15.
All team members either have a job or go to school but we still put in a lot of time for the project and we sacrifice our time to make something people can enjoy, so if you share that mindset feel free to contact me anytime. Ideas for the game etc. can be given to you when we talk or if you send me a pm!.

Have a nice day!
-Senior Patata