Animator needed


***[ROYALTY] ***Passionate Animator desired

**Project: S ** (Unannounced)

This title will be quite unique in its approach to the market with a high focus on community & team cooperation in a new sub-genre to the fantasy RPG market. We are constructing a prototype that has already seen expressed interest from a potential publisher.


  • Multi-platform & mobile publication *]Party Mechanics ]Enhanced Grouping Tools]

Team Name:
Grand Arc Designs

Team Structure**:**

  • Project Director: Alexander Kino Beeler ]Project Manager: Myriam L. Diaz Rutland ]Lead Programmer: Tylor Emmett]Programmer: Illya Van Gils]VFX: Brian Burch]Concept Artist: Cat]Sound Manager & OST: Ryan Richko]Sound Effects: Justin Prymowicz]Level Designer: Adri Catarino*]**3D Modeling: **David Bakos

Talent Required:

  • Animation & Rigging: Must be familiar with creating custom skeletons & face rigs or have a willingness to learn *]

Grand Arc Designs


Be sure to include::
~Copy of Resume and/or a link to your online portfolio
‚Äč~Links to any completed projects to verify aptitude*

Thanks to those who have contacted us thus far, we are still seeking to fill the position.