Animator, Modeler, PBR Texture artist, Nvidia Apex Cloth or Hairworks experienced person(s) needed


My game Amaranthine Story is almost ready for it’s demo release and crowdfunding campaign. I am looking for experienced workers to join my team early next month to build the final assets needed. I am actively looking for those with the skills and the ability to help me impress.

RPG/ Final Fantasy/ Kingdom Hearts fans are welcome. This is a passion project that’s making its way straight to consoles!

The positions needed are as followed:

**Animator **- Looking for sword combat based animations inspired by Sword Art Online and Star Wars. Facial animation a huge plus as well as rigging for facial animations. I am also looking for animators to add animations to the infinity blade wolf. Please contact with portfolio.

**Modeler **- Please apply even if you can only provide one of the following! Contact with portfolio

  •  Character Modeling - To model female character along with their younger self, a younger version of the male protagonist, and a supernatural woman with a deformed face. 
  •  Hard Surface Modeling - Star Wars inspired Aircrafts that will be used for combat. 

**PBR Texture Artist **- Human Skin + All maps needed, 2k upgrade to infinity blade troll, 2k upgrade to infinity blade Spidering, 2k upgrade to wolf. Please contact with portfolio. Depending on price this may be a quick job that can start immediately

**Anyone knowledgable with Apex Cloth or Hairworks: **
I have a leather jacket for my character that I would like to have working in my demo. I would also like to have my character’s hair to be brought to life using hair works or apex cloth.

If interested please contact me with rates. This can lead to more work if interested and credit will be given to you. Make sure to include your portfolio!

David Daniels

Positions still open!