Animator for a stealth-action climbing character

Hi, I’m looking for someone to make high-quality custom animations for an upcoming game title. This is a console/pc game, not mobile. The character will be an average sized man and the final animations must work correctly with the default UE4 mannequin skeleton. Some root motion animations will be needed as well. This is hopefully to be an ongoing relationship where I can ask you to make more assets for me as they become needed. Message me with your offers and prices if you’re interested in working on any or all of the following:

I will need:
Movements (running, sneaking, jumping, climbing, rolling, crouching, shimmying, vaulting, wall flips, climbing ladders and poles)
pistol combat (strafing, turning, aim, shooting, reloading, melee bash)
various death animations
throw grenades, push buttons, plant mines
synched animations between two characters who use the same skeleton (grabbing someone as a human shield, a few short ~1 or 2 seconds] scripted hand-to-hand combat sequences)

The frame rate is 30 FPS.

Hi ! I’m interested and I sent you PM.


I have an animation suit device and willing to do it for free on some conditions!

pm or send for a swift reply!