Animator and Particle system designer for stealth game


A stealth based story driven game third person sinlge player game. Inspired by Tenchu, I aim to make a stealth game that could rival the inspiration itself. I am 4months in and have made great progress however before I crowdfund I would like to make the best impression possible

Work Required:
Animator - 1 cool stealth kill animation
Particle System expert - Tenchu style blood spurt
These will be on a Royalty basis (as i understand it this is where I can pay after I have funding from kickstarter).

I will of course need more work done and you will be the first person/team I ask for any further work on a contract/paid basis.
I am also open to recruiting talent/building a team (of all roles) but unfortunately I cant pay you for this, atleast not until I am funded.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me


Thanks for your time

Thanks for the interest in the animation offer. This is no longer available.

Is there really nobody who wants to design the particle system