AnimationSharing documentation is extremely difficult to understand, almost impossible

Hi Epic team!
Can you pls add some explanations to Animation Sharing plugin docs? How to set it up from scratch?
Its current documentation is impossible to understand, I’ve spend 2hours unsuccessfully trying to grasp how things work there. And I’m not alone. I’ve searched on forums, nobody knows how to make it work.

Thanks guys! God bless you!

Hey Apollo1444! Thanks for reaching out to us. I can certainly pass along your request. I’d love if you could share some specific pain points, or areas that need specific attention. Otherwise, I’ll pass along a general request to update that doc.

Hi! Thx!
I’ve found this info very helpful, I was able to set it up from scratch: How to use animation sharing plugin? - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

And some good info from GDC19 (from 30:00):
I guess it deserves to be in documentation

Good stuff Apollo1444! I’ve added that additional information to our internal ticket. Thanks again and let us know if you think of anything else.