Animations wont switch states?

Hey everyone of the Unreal Engine 4 community! I’m fairly new to the engine and I absolutely love it so I ask for a little patience because I don’t have a grasp on everything yet and even though I have gone through the documentation and stuff like that.

Anyways at this moment, I’m in the process of creating my first game and I’m setting up the animations for my character and I’m having a little trouble with the animation states for my character model.

Right now I have the following event graph

Also, I have a state machine that has an idle and a walk/run state with a blend space attached to it

Whenever I go inside my blend space everything runs smoothly as I change the speed and direction
Screen capture - 90bbb5afe60fd135f06a68f2884ce9a0 - Gyazo (Gyazo GIF)

Everything seems to be working fine until I run my game and then this happens
Screen capture - 372ce59fea307ff85ed255136423c6f8 - Gyazo (Gyazo GIF)

Can you guys help me figure out what’s going on here? If you need me to post a picture of anything just say the word and i’ll send it within 24 hours.

(If the images didn’t load just tell me and I’ll fix it because the unreal forums are being weird)
Thank you for your time and helping me out.