Animations that don't have key frames on all the skeletal bones aren't playing properly in the Sequencer


I have been trying use an animation from the Marketplace for Cinematic purposes. But when I use this animation, the playback is incorrect inside the Sequencer. I did some tests, and after exporting the animation and creating keys for all the bones inside Maya and then re-importing the animation, it now plays back correctly. What I am wondering, is why is this happening? The animation is playing properly in the Animation Sequence Editor. I only get this issue if I try to play the unmodified animation on a Skeletal Mesh inside the Sequencer, or if I drop the Skeletal Mesh in the level and use the Animation Mode: Use Animation Asset.

This is what the animation looks like in the Animation Sequence Editor and the result if I edit int in the Sequence Editor using the FK Control Rig. The animation looks fine. But if I assign it to the Skeletal Mesh inside the sequencer, I get the result showcased in the the first video.

Anyone knows what I might be doing wrong or why this issue is happening?


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Answering my own question, if anyone is wondering how to fix this issue:

In the animation Asset Details, change the Additive Anim Type to Local and Base Pose Type to Skeleton Reference Pose.

The reason that this issue is occurring is because this animation is additive.

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