Animations Replication "BUG"

I’ve stumble upon a very strange problem using animations in multiplayer.

My game is replicated and fully networked, and my characters are using full set of animations (a very complex animations) but the catch is when i launch the game on 2 screens “PIE” Host animations are butter smooth on his screen and on the screen of other clients ! But in the other hand Clients on their screen sees the animations smooth as well but host and other clients sees them a bit staggering / glitching.
The most strangest thing is when i open the “Anim_BP_Class” and just hit compile (Doing nothing at all really just open and hit compile and close the window) Then all the animations of all clients and host working butter smooth the way it has to be, but the catch is whenever i did that my game FPS dramatically drops from around 120++ > around 60.

And i thought maybe the UE4 is build that way so it somehow compress the animations in PIE/Multiple displays so to give you more FPS to try out the game, maybe if i complie the game this will be fixed, or theres something entirely different thing.

Thanks for your help in advance !