Animations randomly change (syncing issues)


hi guys i have a really wierd bug. Basically as the title says the animations randomly change and reverse themselves when playing over the network. What i mean by this is i have the following animations. Run forward, Run backward, Strafe left, Strafe right. On the owning players screen everything works fine. When i run forward it plays the forward animation , when i run backwards it plays the running backwards animation etc.

Howether on the other players version the animations are all wrong(sometimes Reversed, and other times completly different animations) for instance on one screen i am running forward yet on the other it is playing the strafe left animation.

Now the wierd part is the animations randomly change everytime i stop and restart the game. so lets say the first time on client 1 he is running forward yet on client 2 he is strafing left. then i restart the game. this time on client 1 he is running forward but now on client 2 (instead of strafing left like the first time) he is running backwards which is still wrong.

Any ideas people please help. i dont even know where to begin i thought movement and rotation was automatically synced/replicated ?? and i just dont get how restarting the game produces different animation syncs everytime.

here is a video demonstrating what i mean. in case its unclear

thanks for youre time

im an idiot. when i created the speed and direction variables to use in my blendtree i forgot to set there properties to replicated in the animation blueprint.

i thought this had fixed it but it only seems to have worked on one client. Do i need to do a multicast event or something with the variables to make both clients see the same thing?

update 2

ok another thing i have noticed is the animation bug changes depending on if i am running towards the player or away from the player. Eg on client 1 the animations are wrong if i run away from client 2 but work fine if i run towards Client 2 . Where as on client 2 the animations are wrong if i run towards client 1 but are fine if i run away from client 1. so im wondering if the error is how i am determining/ setting the direction variable??

After a lot of debugging it seems the problem is the direction variable that is being used in the blendspace and animation blueprint. I just cant figure out what is wrong or why it is fine when the characters are facing a certain direction but if you turn to face a different way all the animations get messed up. And if it is the direction then why is it fine in single player

ok so after 2 days of testing i have solved the problem. The blendspace was fine but i had everything wrong in the animation blueprint event graph. i didnt realise there was already a node for calculating direction and was trying to do it myself and failing lol. anyways here is the finished easy way to set up direction for a 2D blendspace in case anyone else has this sort of issue. thanks