[Animations]:Project Animals

Hey everybody,

this is a support and feedback thread for these and “coming soon” guys - [SUBMITTED] Raccoon and Deer animation pack - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

There are a few things we would love to hear from you:
1.) Which animals would you want to see next?
2.) Do you prefer in-place, root motion or both types of animations? Please say both only if you really would find that very useful, not just because it sounds like getting more (you know, everything has consequences :slight_smile: ).
3.) What kind of animations that Robert and Simon don’t have would you want to have in the updates?
4.) Anything else for the feedback?

Thanks for you time!

Thanks for creating this thread!

1.) Bear, or Wolf
2.) Truthfully I don’t know much about animation. Not sure which is better or worse. I’d like the easier one to understand, manipulate and expand upon if at all the makes sense :slight_smile:
3.) Simon - I’d love to see a recoil or a scared animation. surprised might be the term?
Robert - Definitely a startle or scared animation.
4.) Since you are asking :slight_smile: I’d like the there to be female variations and also sickly versions. Is it possible to change the color of them?

Hope to hear some great feedback and I can’t wait to get my hands on Simon and Robert. :slight_smile:

Looking awesome man! I think a wolf and a T-Rex would be cool!! This integrated with some beautiful foliage would be amazing in Unreal :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback.

Sure, it’s all in the material, you can use your custom materials too just like with any other meshes.

  1. How about fox?

Yup, that’s coming soon :slight_smile:

I’d love to see cats!

Also like mentioned in the other thread, attack/death animations, perhaps eating animations?

I know next to nothing about animation so I can’t really comment on the other points.

Cats, noted…

Wow those look amazing! I think animals found in North American forests would be a big seller, since many games use the typical animals there such as deer(which you have already) bears and such.

Animations wise I think root motion is the way to go since UE4 allows you to extract it out if need to be for multiplayer games.

Thanks for the feedback.

First off, bloody brilliant stuff! These look amazing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I, personally, would love to see a cat and/or dog. Boring i know, but in this style… Ohhh the possibilities =)

What is with a Spider?
Kind regards,

What about an antilope or a hyena

Hey, sorry for the late reply, I was supposed to get notifications, but didn’t :slight_smile:

Ok, so cat, dog, spider, antelope and hyena… all noted.

Bigger cats like leopards/lions/tigers/pumas, Boars/Pigs, Chickens, Small birds.

Attack/Get Hit/Death/Alert/Flee/etc. animations are also all important - things that could create tension and action with players.

Yep, hits and deaths sound like something generally useful.

Yes please on Cat Animations :slight_smile:

Checked :wink:

Ok, cats :slight_smile:

cool pack. I like the colours… should the back be as pointy as that? or should the model be a bit smoother (on deer)

would like this pack and I love the animations. appreciate that there are so many but it’s too pricey for what it is in my opinion. The uses aren’t as broad as say a character pack or a weapon pack.
The price point would be good for a pack that had 5-7 different animals. with just basic animations. Run, walk, eating, stand to lay and reverse. Would be good. reuse same anims for same size animals etc.

in any case. good job. The cell shading look of the raccoon is cool! As I mentioned I’m sure all those raccoon animations can be used for a bear as well.