Animations only playing for one player in multiplayer

The character animations are only playing for one player. Why is this?

Video: Screen capture - ad2773b721d8afad62bcac560baaeac6 - Gyazo

Hello rollystone552, thank you for posting.

Without seeing much of your code, one solution would be to check the replication settings in your player BPs.
Another solution, posted by itsAcren, found that they had an extra skeletal mesh in their character and setting the native mesh of the character helped.

I hope these suggestions assist you.

I don’t seem to be having this problem.

For my animal animation Blueprints I am doing the following (NOTE: I am not an expert and am open to doing things better…):

After this it might be your AI. Make sure it is replicated…

I am not doing anything special with the AI startup…

Hopefully something here helps…