Animations not playing in Sequencer ?

i have a character that runs an animation while recording him with sequencer. I can see in the preview that the animation is playing when hitting play, it’s also showing up as a track in sequencer - however, when recording it doesn’t play anything. I see the animation being played while recording in the preview but on the actual footage the character isnt animated at all.

Hi, I know it’s been quite a while but I found this thread while searching for it, and I find a working path for it.

  1. Put your sequence in the map (can drag and drop). Click on it and check Autoplay to true in Details.
  2. (Optional) put the sequence’s green bar to the left so vegetation can spawn before the sequence scene plays when making the render.
  3. Important Click on an empty zone in the sequencer or close it before the render. (This way you won’t have “Frozen characters”)
  4. Select your recorded characters that are currently in the map and check “Actor Hidden in Game” in Details. I recommend disable their collision or move them as well.
  5. Render your sequence.

That’s the path we did to make it work, hope it helps the next one having this problem.