Animations not playing. Do I need to set up the rig?

I am using this animation pack: Rolls and Dodges Animation Set in Animations - UE Marketplace

And following this youtube tutorial: Directional Dodge And Roll Animations - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

I’ve followed it very closely but the animations aren’t working. The only part that I think I may have messed up is in regards to retargeting. I’m going to attach screenshots of my full animation set up in case it is something else… any help would be appreciated. I just started using Unreal :0

Screenshots Here

You might try running the debugger to see if your getting stuck on any of those branches… Highlight everything in question and press F9 to make your break points and hit play. That might help divide and conquer the problem. If its making its way through then it could very well be what you said about a problem when retargeting your animations.

Thanks for the tip on debugging! I walked through my breakpoints and all the right branches are being called through. I’m thinking it must be something with the retargeting or character set up. I’m still unsure of what specifically but will continue to troubleshoot. Might try setting up the entire controller myself instead of starting w/ the third person template.

It was an issue with retargeting. I did not understand the process correctly. I looked up a video specifically on retargeting and was able to fix my problem. Thanks again for the debugging tip, that will save me a huge amount of time troubleshooting in the future :]

Here’s the vid I watched to learn how to do it correctly: Animation Re-Targeting (Mixamo Example) - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

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