Animations not being imported

Grabbed a ton of fbx sonic animation files;However when i try to import them into unreal the anim files dont show just the mesh and materials.
I did try to import them from maya and export which gave me the animation file however this became pointless as the anim was just sonic in a t pose.
please help.

I’d help us help you to know some of the details on why the animations aren’t being imported.

If you can provide the following:

An image/gif of the mesh/animation in your animation tool, preferably animating with skeletal structure
An image/gif of your export settings
An image/gif of your import settings in Unreal Engine
An image/gif of the resulting mesh/animation within Unreal Engine

If you don’t know how to take screenshots or videos, please learn to do so.

Never mind i took the animations from a member here who posted a sonic project.
Heres the print screen though: