Animations in BP's

Hi there!

A little project of mine - simple BP stuff including Editor-Customizable BP’s and an animated (via BP of course) Snowman Jerry!

Project downloadable from my G-drive folder

Check the video to see how it looks like!

For the changelog please visit my Discord


Is this just supposed to be a collection of pre-made blueprints with animations built in for others to use?

Well, as my name is not recognizable yet I’ll introduce myself

I call myself Unreal Solver, I started my own YouTube channel and I started with solving issues found on forums like here or reddit, now as I slowly expand I provide some projects to public to learn or just grab the assets I make and use in their projects

Some of the stuff on my G-Drive are just projects I made for people (playlist - unreal solutions, I always make videos after I jump into UE4 without any special preparations to show full troubleshooting for the project), some of them are my so called Unreal Projects (like f.ex. the measurement tool, 3-step teleport skill) and those are my ideas I turned into projects and like always - free to use for everyone!

So as an answer to your question - yes, and some of them are still buggy and need improvements but I need time for that and somehow I need to make some Changes Log for every project so the people can keep track on that

And if you like them - just use them ;]

And if you kindly watch the full video - there’s a reminder about my Discord server - hop in if you wanna chat, stay updated with my content or make a request, ask a question or whatever, you can just join and DDOS my server xD

Cool. Thanks for contributing. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate!

I wish you the best with your projects :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader:

I just noticed, there’s an Asset Sharing subforum under the Announcements category… might get you some more exposure if you post over there :slight_smile:

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Tru, kinda makes sense but it’s not allowed to double post even on different subforum :stuck_out_tongue:

But when I get some collection I’ll make a post for that