Animations Importing with wrong rotations?

Sorry for the use of caps there guys! But you see, I just spent a few good hours trying to figure out why all of the animations I’ve created keep importing at the wrong angle? I know that Unreal works with the z axis up and maya does the y axis up instead, however even when I change it to z in maya and rotate the character with the global control, or when I try to use the axis conversion in the export menu it never fixes anything! The skeletal mesh comes in correctly if I import it with maya axis still at y and then convert it when exporting to z, but the animations still come in weird no matter what I do! Thanks for any help folks, I just wanna know what’s going on here!

Hi Wacha837,

Is your mesh just importing rotated 90 degrees in the wrong direction? If that’s the case you need to rotate the mesh to be facing the Positive X direction.

If you’re still having issues can you post a screen shot of what you’re seeing that isn’t correct?

Thank you!


Thanks a lot for answering! My mesh is importing right, but the animations I import are rotated 90 degrees incorrectly, which is a problem because I don’t know if it’s the skeletal mesh, or the maya export settings, or what! Here’s a screenshot, on the right is how the skeletal mesh comes in, and the left is how one of the the animations is imported in using that skeleton!

2021 and same problem here. Did you know how to solve this?

Reset your import settings.
Most of the time, people mess these up and forget they did so.