Animations Importing improper Range

Okay so if someone could explain what’s going on or what I’m doing wrong here, that would be great.

I created two animations for two characters in Maya, these animations need to play together so they were created in the same scene. I’ve never had a problem doing this before, and this error has occured in instances where I only animated one character per scene, so I know already that’s not the issue.

I used IK and constraints to animate the characters, but both have their animation baked before export. I set the frame range for export, and export them individually.

Now here’s where things get weird. When imported them to UE4, one character imports perfectly, blend shapes included, proper frame length etc. The other character however is importing the entire animation, not just the specified frames. I don’t want to keep setting the frames to 30 and specifying the range, since that’s a waste of time and UE4 already has a function which SHOULD be working, exported time.

Why is the second character importing the entire animation length, instead of just the exported time? Yes. I have selected Exported Time during both of the imports.