Animations imported to unreal from maya are slightly off

My problem is that when I am importing an animation into Unreal from Maya, the characters are not hitting their assigned locations. I would have to go into sequencer and move the character back and forth to make it reach areas that they were reaching when I played it in Maya, which causes problems.

I exported the set from unreal and brought it into Maya when I was animating because the characters have obstacles they interact with. But when importing my animations into unreal, they are missing the obstacles that they needed to hit.

I am exporting my animations in millimeters, exporting in centimeters does not work in our scene.

So, my animation works in my Maya scene but once brought into Unreal, the characters are all slightly off. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you!

I’m getting this too. I wonder if it’s simply because we animate at a certain size in Blender/Maya that when exporting and changing the scale in UE4, it becomes slightly off. That’s my current theory on it since when I used to animate at UE4’s massive x10 scale in Blender, it seemed to import just fine. But that doesn’t work for Blender’s physics very well when I want to record hair physics.
Could potentially export at x10 scale, (UE4’s scale compared to Blender’s) but I believe that will break any potential physics in UE4 since it still reads the character as tiny.
Tricky situation for baked physics animation. But doing physics in UE4’s engine, just match the scale in maya/blender to it and should be fine. (Hopefully. Don’t forget to apply all translations)

Unless… I wonder if applying translations at the 10x scale, then reducing scale back down to Blender physics for that, then exporting at 10x again would allow everything to match up again? Heh. If anything, a new post of “why don’t my capsules match my character” would pop up.