Animations fail after moving folder

Hi everyone.

I started with the ThirdPerson template.
I set up animations for crouch, walk, run etc and all worked.
Then I moved the folder with animations. Now I have the idle animation when I hit play to test the game, but I only have the T-Pose when I move in any direction.
The Blendspace previews also look very weird. The Mesh of the character looks like he has no skeleton and is distorted.
I have to say that I also renamed the ThirdPersonCharacter_BP, but I don’t know if this has any influence.
I always hit ‘Save all’ before I close the Project.
No idea if this can be fixed simply, or if I have to start all over again.

Thank you in advance.
Greez Consi

If you renamed the ThirdPersonCharacter_BP very likely all casts to this class will have to be checked. In particular the AnimBP may use Try Get Pawn Owner and then casts to ThirdPersonCharacter_BP. Check that everything is ok there, very likely it is broken and you will have to redo the cast using the new class name.

I tried to replicate the case and I now know what I could have done. First, I guess I mistakenly deleted the Redirectors before I used ‘Fix Up Redirectors in Folder’ and forcedeleted the folder instead. I think that was the main reason. Also an animation had to be reselected in the AnimGraph of the AnimBP and the animations in the AnimBlendSpace files.

Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem.

In my opinion it would be really good, if the ‘Redirection Fixup’ would already be automaticly done by the moving or renaming process…

Greez Consi