Animations dipping into ground when blending between default 3rd person and my custom ones from ART tool

Howdy! I’m currently working on the Nov game jam and I’ve hit a snag.

I’ve noticed that the default root axis orientation on the 3rd person anims is facing down the wrong axis. When blending between those anims and my own created with the ART tool, the root rotates causing the pelvis to try and compensate for the rotation which makes it dip the characters feet into the ground. I took a video explaining my problem fully. I know that if I make my own idle/walk/run anims i’ll be able to avoid the problem.

It just seems weird that the default anims root axis is aligned different than the ART tools default root axis. I suppose that’s just one of the caveats of a large group of people working on something.

Here is my video:

Im interested in this too… I have the same problem just with playing a standard montage over the standard starter animation pack with a blend per bone with spine_01 set… still no luck. Let me know if u find a solution (or someone else knows)

Same problem here

Oh I forgot I asked this. Anyhow it’s because of the root bone rotation on the default animations being rotated 90 degrees. The lerp between the 90 degrees and the ART tools 0 degree root rotation causes the dip as compensation. The only way I figured to get rid of the dip was to remake the default anims through the ART tool so they have the correct root bone rotation. I’ll dig through my files tonight and release them if I still have them. :slight_smile:

I believe this is what is needed: UE4.10 - How to deal with animation dip - YouTube