Animations Combined to One!

Hi, In my UE4 project my character animations have combined into one long animation sequence, my question is does anyone know how to split them?

Either you do it in the engine (you will have to create montages) or you can create separate sequences in your 3d program -> it depends on which program you use :slight_smile:

Just to add another option, which is to import them into separate sequences by specifying the time ranges, supported I think since ver 4.6.

Here’s what I did, I import the giant animation as one sequence. Then I duplicated it, and found the starting frame of the animation I wanted, then I right clicked on the timeline and and removed all the frames before that point, then I moved to the end of the animation and deleted all frames after that point, and I ended up with one animation of just the part I wanted. Hope this helps you out. :wink: