Animations causing large x,y offset

Last night I was able to spawn in as a sabertooth and move around fine. The only problem that I had was that when I assigned the animation blueprint, it has a very large x and y offset (about 1000 each if I were to guess?). This is uh, obviously a problem haha. If I take the animation away, it shows my sabertooth moving around, can sprint jump etc, just no animations.

Has anyone else experienced similar behavior? It seems to be tied with the fact that shooter character is the parent, because if I go into the default saber and reparent it to a shooter character, the same thing happens.

I have a similar problem. I made a child of the base human pawn and changed the third person mesh to the dodo mesh. I can move around but if i set the animation blueprint to dodo animation blueprint, the dodo mesh stays in 0,0,0 coordinates.

Sounds identical to my problem. This will be my focus tonight, so if I figure something out I’ll post here.

So, you’re not going to like the answer but…

Basically the problem is that the event graph on the animation blueprint tries to cast to a primaldinocharacter, which obviously does not exist in this context. So, you have to re-map the entire event graph so that it modifies the variables that affect dino animation graph. Guess I have my day set out for me!