Animations being cancelled out?

Hey All,

Working on a simple top down shooter.
Got some core mechanics in place like basic movement, rolling, damage etc.

Tried to implement a grenade throw animation earlier today which seemed to work (kinda).
For some reason when i hit the key to trigger the “Grenade Throw” animation, it stops every other animation from playing at all. Even after the grenade throw animation has finished. I can turn in place and shoot but thats it.

Ive recorded a small video below to show what the problem is.](

Heres a pic of my BP that controls the grenade throwing:

Any ideas on what i could have done wrong?

Go to your Grenade throwing animation. Right click the jauge at the middle. Add notify,new notify name it. Go to your animation blueprint, event graph, type the name of your notification, set throwing grenade to False.