Animations and the Marketplace

I’m curious to know if it will be possible for people to sell animations in the marketplace like they do in unity. My very basic understanding is this is possible in unity because when you import your custom biped character you can map its bones to the standard in game skeleton or rig or whatever its called.

I dont see anything like a standard in game skeleton in unreal so just wondering if I am missing it or what? If it doesn’t exist is this something that you guys are thinking about?

You can retarget animations between characters as long they use the same skeleton. You can have extra bones (such as a tail) as long as the hierarchy of bones is the same. This would complicate purchasing animation assets.

Retargeting between different skeletons is on the roadmap for June which means there are likely developers actively working on it for a future release. Maybe not the upcoming 4.3, but it is high on the priority list for Animation features so hopefully soon.

Yes for sure animations is an asset that could be sold but only if the package includes the source files.

Having a package that only supports a set structure is of little value.

As for re-targeting this is super easy to do as far as base requirements goes in an app like Motion Builder that is designed to manage this need directly so any kind of in app re-targeting, I suspect, would be directed to using the same animation sets on different size character models.

If you can re-target from one skeleton to another in UE4 that would be a huge bonus but if Epic pulls it off it would be just this side of voodoo magic.

The thing though about any marketplace is buyer beware as all though the selling point maybe you can use them in a video game I’ve yet to see any, if few, that were complete as a set with out having to put more work into it or purchase individual components necessary and and should have been sold as a single package.

Current marketplace is designed to support trading assets online, so that will be possible.

As for retargeting, CaptainScience is correct. We have a very basic retargeting system when you have same bone structure (extra leaf bones are fine) and have same bind pose transform. You can have slightly different translation, but rotation difference can be very sensitive.

We have a more general retargeting system that is in WIP, which should support bone mapping between different bone structures with user configuration and that should improve animation reusability via marketplace or between different projects.

We’ll post a better guideline when this feature comes online. We’d like this to be in 4.4, but practically 4.5 would be safe for you to expect if you’d expect something more usable.



Hello folks,

I created an HeroTPP rigged with CAT bones for those who are interested in retarget biped or CAT animations (it is not perfect rigged but well serves the animation retarget purpose)
For more info check this post

Thanks for you work Lina, wonderful tool :slight_smile:
Best Regards