AnimationLayer in Child ABP not overriding logic

Hi, I am using one parent ABP for a group of enemies that share the same skeleton but have different animations. Each of these enemies has a child ABP deriving from this parent.

Each enemy has a different attack with slightly different logic for the statemachine transitions (anticipation, timings, etc). Because the AnimGraph cannot be edited in child ABPs, I have implemented all different attacks inside the parent ABP. It would be much cleaner and much more preferred to only have the animation logic for the attacks in the specific enemy ABPs that actually need it.

I added an AnimLayerInterface to the parent, and noticed I can also add it to the children. Doing so will show up the AnimLayers as empty, and anim logic can be added. However, it does not actually get executed. I am assuming this is a bug, or am I missing something? I would love to know more methods of splitting up / reusing AnimGraph logic, but it seems incredibly limited.

Sidenote: Also looked into using the LinkedAnimGraph functionality, but then you can’t actually override the sequences, so that doesn’t seem much useful for re-using default core AnimGraph logic.

Any help is appreciated!